Thursday, October 15, 2009

For the love of candy corn

I've been drooling over my friend's Theme of the Week posts. . . and finally got around to doing one myself. Hope you enjoy!


Imaginative Play: Candy Corn Toss

Edible Delights: Cheese and Crackers, Cupcakes, and a sad attempt at a fruit parfait with what I had on hand. I recommend pudding for the yellow layer instead of applesauce. I got the cupcake and parfait idea from images I saw online. Click here to see the posts.

Learning Fun: Guessing how many candy corns are in a jar.
Plus a lesson on volume- comparing equal amounts of candy corn in different jars/glasses.

Art Time: Melting Beads, Bean Bags

Activities: Sewing and Knitting

Decorating: Candy Corn Garland and Hair Clip


Mindy said...

This is so neat! I love it (and candy corn)! How do you make those melted bead candy corns -- at first I thought it was life savers with glue over them. My kids would love that!

Heather Papolos said...

Thanks Mindy!

The melted candy corns are plastic. This is the item: search for melty beads. They come in book kits, small kits, and big tubs.

They can be found in the kids crafts section of Michaels or JoAnns.

These keep my daughter busy for HOURS. Love them! You're only limited by your imagination!!

lisalyn said...

I LOVE this party! LOVE it! Can I post it on my blog??? :)

When my daughter was in High School they had a fall festival and I made her a candy corn costume. It was so cute! This brought back memories of that. :)

elizabeth said...

Love it all!! I will definitely be making some of those perfect cupcakes soon! And the bunting is too fun. And the headband! Did I mention I love it ALL, haha! Great job!

Randi said...

Adorable ... I love the knit hat!

A Touch of Country said...

How clever, talented, and oh so creative! I love all the ideas!

Happy Fall,


Cassi said...

Hi Heather! I featured your wonderful candy corn party on The Crafty Crow today. If you'll email me at hellocraftycrow(at)gmail(dot)com I'd love to send you your "Featured On" button :) Thanks so much, Cassi

Paige said...

Came over from Katherine Marie. I love it! I am off to make the candy corn game for my daughter's preschool fall party. Great ideas! How did you make the cupcake?